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SPECIAL EDITION--AVAILABLE ONLY TO ASSISTING HANDS AND THEIR FRANCHISEES. See "About This Book" for a special discount on quantity purchases.


Caring for a parent, spouse, or relative who cannot care for themselves due to age, infirmity, or illness is one of the noblest human activities. It’s also one of the most stressful, posing challenges that can be painful, confusing, frustrating, and deeply rewarding—sometimes all at once. When Caregiving Calls is an invitation to a deep conversation about caregiving and its meaning for you.


Aaron Blight has lived the caregiving experience many ways—as a family caregiver for a mother-in-law struggling with brain cancer as it stole her mental clarity and ultimately her life; as the owner of a home care company that supported thousands of families living their own versions of the same journey; and as a researcher, lecturer, and consultant traveling the world to learn from family caregivers and their professional helpers.


Now he shares his insights in eighteen brief, thoughtful chapters that examine the many facets of caregiving. He explores how caregiving reshapes family relationships, challenges comfortable assumptions, and stresses your ability to manage your time, energy, and emotions. He shows how the changing mental and physical state of a loved one can lead to growing vulnerability, need, and loneliness on the part of care receiver and caregiver alike. He shares stories—poignant, funny, and often inspiring—that vividly capture the unique daily realities of the caregiving life. And he offers candid, practical advice that can help family caregivers do a better job of coping with the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual challenges they face.


WINNER: 2020 BEST INDIE BOOKS AWARD--Nonfiction: Caregiving

WHEN CAREGIVING CALLS, Assisting Hands Edition, by Aaron Blight

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  • Expert Aaron Blight explores the daily realities of caregiving and offers candid, practical advice to help family caregivers cope with their many challenges. . . . This outstanding guide will be a lifesaver for anyone saddled with these immense responsibilities and seeking peace of mind.”—BookLife Reviews (Editor’s Pick)


    Candid, compassionate, and comforting caregiving advice.”—Kirkus Reviews

    “This book is an important road map from one who has journeyed as both a family caregiver and a professional caregiver. His guidance can help others have the best chance to survive and maybe even thrive while carrying the burden of caregiving.”—Martin J. Schreiber, former Governor of Wisconsin and author of My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver


    "This easy-to-read book provides family caregivers with valuable insights, guidance, and affirmation that reflect empathy and respect for their role. Dr. Blight’s poignant stories will help both family caregivers and the professionals and other family members who support them."—Rhonda J. V. Montgomery, PhD, internationally recognized expert on family caregiving


    "No family caregiver should be without this book. In clear and concise chapters, it covers all the topics caregivers need to understand the journey they are on and provides a reference source to be revisited again and again.”—Robert Mastrogiovanni, President, Well Spouse Association


    When Caregiving Calls is written with passion and wisdom. Aaron Blight provides us with reassurance and hope as we better understand the role of caregiver. Personal and professional caregivers, this is a must-read!”—Jennifer T. Martin, RN, certified hospice and palliative nurse, Chief Nursing Officer, Blue Ridge Hospice


    “Aaron Blight has written a must-read guide for anyone on the journey of caregiving. It’s much like one of his captivating talks, full of practical advice delivered in a relatable style. I wish I’d had this book when I became a caregiver.”—Jennifer Talbert-Miller, Co-Founder and Board Member, Beloved Foundation


    When Caregiving Calls is a masterpiece—a well-written book that highlights the author’s personal experience of caring for a loved one, which was a changing point in his life. Readers of every background all over the world can learn a lot from Aaron Blight’s captivating work.”—Charles Senessie, MD, MSc, PhD, Founder and President, Afro-European Medical and Research Network

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