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Ever notice how your brilliance amplifies when in a good md? What if you could tap into that heightened state, no matter the circumstances? Unconditional Power by Steven Gaffney reveals the path to such a life of triumph, rooted not in external factors, but in your chosen mindset.

This transformative book will guide you through practical methods for tapping into your inner power at a moment's notice. Master nine proven, easy-to-adopt behaviors that will empower you to maintain a resilient state even in the face of adversity.


As a leader, Unconditional Power will equip you with the tools to share this boundless energy with your team, cultivating a culture of achievement that propels your entire organization forward. The secrets within these pages will make you a powerhouse in strategizing, innovating, team building, and decision-making, while also excelling in marketing, negotiating, and deal-making.


But the journey doesn't end with professional accomplishments. Unconditional Power will inspire you to live a life rich in meaning and purpose, creating waves of value that reverberate throughout your organization and society as a whole. And the most exciting part? You'll attain these extraordinary results at breakneck speed, as if merely flipping a switch.


Embark on the adventure of Unconditional Power and get ready to unleash your personal power revolution today.


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  • Steven Gaffney is a speaker, seminar leader, and author on communication and leadership. His book Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies That Get Results and Last a Lifetime has received international attention. Steven's speeches and seminars have helped individuals and organizations open lines of communication so they can exchange information, resolve issues, and take advantage of valuable opportunities. His clients include American Express, Marriott, SAIC, British Petroleum, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the American Cancer Society.

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