Success is not about taking advantage of good times. It’s about tackling bad times head on—and thriving. Unconditional Power will teach you how to do that—by showing you a new way to think about power. This new understanding of power forms the heart of a system you can use to continually improve, grow, and do everything better, regardless of any problems, challenges, and limitations you may experience.


Unconditional Power shows why you have the power to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, no matter how difficult the circumstances you may face. It provides a formula you can use to flip on your personal Power Switch whenever you need to do that. And it describes the steps you can take to share your unconditional power with the people around you, creating a Powerful Culture that can lift your organization to consistently higher levels of achievement.


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  • Steven Gaffney is a speaker, seminar leader, and author on communication and leadership. His book Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies That Get Results and Last a Lifetime has received international attention. Steven's speeches and seminars have helped individuals and organizations open lines of communication so they can exchange information, resolve issues, and take advantage of valuable opportunities. His clients include American Express, Marriott, SAIC, British Petroleum, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the American Cancer Society.

  • Hardcover  |  6 x 9 inches  |  256 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-1-953943-08-8

    NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER.  To be published fall, 2022.