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GOLD MEDAL WINNER: BEST BUSINESS BOOK 2022, American Business Awards


For years, executive Martin Fiore has been advising leaders from a wide range of industries about technological trends that are reshaping the world of business, from artificial intelligence and the rise of autonomous systems to human/machine convergence. Now, in Humanity Reimagined, Fiore explores how these trends are disrupting industries, changing the world of work, transforming the economy, and creating both threats and opportunities for leaders at all levels, from entrepreneurs nurturing start-up businesses to C-suite leaders at the world’s biggest corporations.


Fiore’s main focus is on what we can do to ensure that the forces of change now sweeping the planet will protect and enhance the most cherished qualities of human life rather than undermining them. He offers thoughtful recommendations for addressing many of the big issues that today’s transformational technologies are raising, from the threats to privacy posed by misuse of big data to the infiltration of autonomous systems by racial and gender bias. Most important, Fiore provides advice on how to prepare for an unpredictable future that business leaders, policy makers, and individuals forging their careers will find both practical and inspiring.


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  • Martin Fiore is one of today's leading business writers and speakers on the connection between people and technology. Having served in both key strategic and operational leadership roles, he is a business visionary with a passion for addressing the important questions raised by human and technology convergence-particularly regarding the future of humanity and the type of society we want to be. His theories on transformation, ethics, trust, sustainability, and maximizing human potential have been featured in numerous thought leadership articles and interviews in Forbes, Fortune, Huffington Post, Information Week, Fast Company, and Diversity Inc., among many other publications. Additionally, his people-first focus has garnered him six industry leadership awards for innovative talent and technology programs.  

    Martin is an executive with Ernst & Young LLP (EY), where he served as partner sponsor of the technology committee that first introduced intelligent automation at the EY organization. In addition, he is active in youth job and education programs and serves on multiple boards of leading universities and charitable organizations. He lives on the Upper West Side of New York City with his wife and daughters. Connect with him on Twitter @MartinFioreEY and on LinkedIn.

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