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Gold-Medal Honor for Fiore's "Boldly Ambitious," "Inspiring" Glimpse of Humanity's Future

I launched Rivertowns Books because I wanted a vehicle that would let me bring to the world ideas and insights that I considered worthy of wide dissemination--the kinds of ideas and insights that all too often get short shrift in today's fragmented, cacophonous media environment.

So every book I publish is one that I believe in--and all of them, whether quickly or gradually, eventually find their way into the hands of readers who benefit from them, gleaning knowledge, inspiration, and fresh ways of thinking from them.

Still, it's always gratifying to have my editorial judgment ratified by independent experts. That's just happened with Martin Fiore's book Humanity Reimagined: Where We Go From Here, a thoughtful survey of the ways technology is transforming life, work, and society--and what we must do to ensure that the coming changes will preserve what we value most.

The American Business Awards have just presented Humanity Reimagined their gold medal as the Best Business Book of 2021--a remarkable honor that I'm proud to announce. Here are a few of the comments that the members of the judging panel shared with us:

"Martin Fiore's Humanity Reimagined is really helpful for leaders who want to know where technology is and will lead us. It's got great depth but also easy to read with a lot of inspiring examples."

"An insightful look at modern and often complex themes, written in a way that explains and demonstrates ideas perfectly. A very well written book - bravo!"

"Humanity Reimagined is boldly ambitious -- defining how innovation and technology shape what it means to be human since the birth of civilization. Excellent food for thought, and ultimately offers hope even in these tumultuous times."

Congratulations to Martin for his Stevie award! It's great that the world is now recognizing what his friends, fans, colleagues, and clients have long known--that Martin Fiore is a thought leader with an important message to share.

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