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Published September 10, 2018

Paperback  |  $16.95

6.7 x 9.6 inches  |  236 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-1400-5-5

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"As a long-time Wall Streeter, I didn't think I could learn anything from a how-to-invest book. I was wrong!"--Barbara Steiner, founding partner, institutional research firm Portales Partners

     Everyone knows the economy affects our investments. But which economic trends discussed by TV pundits and money gurus really matter—and which ones can we safely ignore?  

     In Debt Cycle Investing, Gary Gordon explains the little-understood economic indicator that plays a crucial role in driving financial markets. Using vivid, simply-explained graphs, he shows how investors can read market trends and make smarter choices about where to put their money.  Along the way, he’ll equip you to separate popular myths, fads, and fallacies from realities, helping you avoid falling prey to the flawed thinking that leads so many investors astray.

"An essential guide to contemporary investment thinking--very readable, with a touch of humor."--Larry Jeydel, former CEO, Almo Corporation

Gary Gordon developed his ideas over a career on Wall Street as a stock analyst and an investment strategist.  Debt Cycle Investing includes revealing stories of the smart calls—and a few costly mistakes—that provided him with an invaluable financial education.  “I wrote my book to share what I’ve learned so others can profit from it,” Gordon says. 


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     Gary Gordon gives financial counseling seminars in community centers and schools through the non-profit My Money Workshop, and he comments on current economic and financial topics on his blog.  He also teaches math in a prison and a junior high school.