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An executive from the global consulting firm of Ernst & Young forecasts some of the technological trends that are reshaping the world of business, from artificial intelligence and the rise of autonomous systems to human/machine convergence. Martin Fiore explores how these trends are disrupting industries, changing the world of work, transforming the economy, and creating both threats and opportunities for leaders at all levels, from entrepreneurs nurturing start-up businesses to C-suite leaders at the world’s biggest corporations. 


Fiore’s main focus is on what we can do to ensure that the forces of change now sweeping the planet will protect and enhance the most cherished qualities of human life rather than undermining them. He offers thoughtful recommendations for addressing many of the big issues that today’s transformational technologies are raising, from the threats to privacy posed by misuse of “Big Data” to the infiltration of autonomous systems by racial and gender bias. Most important, Fiore provides advice on how to prepare for an unpredictable future that business leaders, policy makers, and individuals forging their careers will find both practical and inspiring. 


Martin Fiore, a transformation optimist, futurist, and change agent, regularly writes and speaks on the themes of technological transformation and disruption and their impact on business, workers, and society. His writings and interviews on people, technology, and lifelong learning have appeared in Forbes, HuffPost, Fortune, HR People + Strategy, CIO Magazine, Directors & Boards, and Tax Executive, among other publications. He also presents on future of work and education topics at universities, client organizations, and other events. 



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Fiore currently serves as US East Region Tax Managing Partner at Ernst & Young LLP and formerly was the EY Americas Tax Talent Leader. He is a member of the EY Americas Tax Leadership team and the Americas Inclusiveness Advisory Council and served as Executive Sponsor of the technology committee that introduced intelligent automation at the EY organization. 


In addition, Fiore is active in organizations related to youth job programs and education, including Champions of Quality Education, the Advisory Council of Our Lady of Grace School, the Norfolk State University School of Business Advisory Board, and the Graduate Alumni Board of Directors at Notre Dame University's Mendoza Graduate School of Business. Connect with 

him on LinkedIn and on Twitter @MartinFioreEY.