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* One of Forbes's 12 Must-Read Books for Nonprofit Employees

* Chronicle of Philanthropy's Editor's Pick among nonprofit books of 2019

"If you have heard of microcredit, you have benefited from Alex Counts’s determined drive to give this idea global wings.  In the process, he showed all of us how to market and spread a social innovation everywherewhich is, in itself, a 'how-to' breakthrough.  This remarkably open, honest book explains how he did this.  It will give you many tools, both programmatic and personal."Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka: Everyone a Changemaker

    Some people are dreamers. They choose a career shaped by dreams of making the world a better place—caring for kids, lifting up the poor, protecting the planet. When your dreams are that powerful, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Both lives and dreams can suffer the consequences.

     If you’re one of the dreamers, this is the book for you. Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind is a down-to-earth guide to mission-driven leadership. Drawing on his decades of experience as an acclaimed nonprofit leader, Alex Counts offers practical advice on such vital activities as fundraising, team-building, communications, and management. He shows you how to run an organization—and your own life—both effectively and sustainably, giving joyfully to those around you while also caring generously for yourself.

     Candid, funny, insightful, and wise, Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind is a book you’ll refer to throughout your career . . . no matter where your dreams may lead you.

"Counts eloquently discusses the dangers of work/life imbalance, how to be a constant learner, the importance of gratitude, and the right time to leave a leadership position. The author's keen insights demonstrate that he took the lessons he learned during his career to heart, accepting his failures while celebrating his successes . . . Noble and enriching leadership advice."Kirkus Reviews

“A life of service to others and to society can be deeply fulfilling. Anyone who seeks to live a life informed by this insight will benefit from this exceptional, and highly readable, book.”—From the Foreword by Professor Muhammad Yunus


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Alex Counts founded Grameen Foundation and became its President and CEO in 1997. A Cornell University graduate, Counts’s commitment to poverty eradication deepened as a Fulbright scholar in Bangladesh, where he trained under Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder and managing director of Grameen Bank, and co-recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. Since its modest beginnings, Grameen Foundation has grown to become a leading international humanitarian organization.  


     Counts is the author of Small Loans, Big Dreams: How Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and Microfinance Are Changing the World (Wiley, 2008) and numerous articles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the Washington Post, and other publications.  Today he is an independent consultant to nonprofit organizations and an adjunct professor at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland College Park.

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